Naarah-Blue (eidolonamorata) wrote in rochester_pride,

I wrote this last night

After the NY Senate chose to vote 'no' on equal marriage rights, I wrote this little piece and posted it on my FB:

Today the NY Senate voted 'no' to gay marriage and preserved the sanctity and future of traditional marriage. Gays and lesbians are the number one threat to marriage today. It is a little known fact, but homosexuals are responsible for 100% of ALL divorces in NY. Either by causing spouses to outgrow one another, or by messing about with married people's bank accounts so that they have financial problems which cause friction, there is a gay person behind every divorce.

What about homes where domestic violence (a blatant violation of marriage vows) is the soup du jour? If you go into these homes you will find a gay person right there, giddy with delight at the disintegration of the sanctity of marriage, cheering on the abusive spouse. And don't even get me STARTED on homes where sexual abuse is involved. Gay people can't incite that kind of behaviour enough!
You may ask, "What about spouses who cheat? Surely THEY are responsible for their own actions and the subsequent cheapening of marriage?" Well, my friend, I'm sorry to tell you, but you have been suckered in by the propoganda of the gay agenda. It's a tempting fiction, but here's the truth.
FACT: every single person who cheats does so with either a gay man or lesbian woman who has strategically placed themselves in that person's life to compel them to break their marriage vows. It is all part of the master plan of the gay agenda.

So I congratulate the NY Senate on their decision today. They are defending and upholding all that is good and right in this world. My only question is, is it really enough? We are still at risk here, people. As long as there is one homosexual allowed the same rights as we real people to walk freely in this country, I'm sad to say I'm not sure we'll ever be truly safe.

This is Naarah-Blue Meath, an upholder of TRUE marriage rights, saying "Goodnight New York, and well done."
********In case anyone missed it, this is dripping with sarcasm and bitterness*********
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